About Tatiana

Hello dear Parrot Lovers and welcome to my website: Parrot Toys!

My first pet ever starting 7 years old has been a parrot (a small budgie) and ever since my love and adoration for these birds has only got bigger. My eyes always shine when I see a parrot and I become full of excitement when I get to play with one.

Because playing with parrots can bring so many smiles on everyone’s faces, I have decided to put together this platform where every parrot lover can find just the toy!

Short Story about Tatiana & the Parrots

Growing up I had several parrots, all budgies.

The budgies did not reside my home all at the same time, some earlier in my life, some later. But every time my little friend would be part of my daily routine, life was getting brighter and more joyful for me. It would be like having my best friend most of the times on your shoulder, talking to you and actively participating in everything I would be doing.

Then time has come for me to leave the home nest and adventure in the world, always keeping my love for parrots actively present. I did not owe a parrot since moving out, yet planning to bring a little fella in my life shortly.

Why It Matters

I remember the joy a new mirror or any other toy would bring to my budgie. I also remember how much joy it would bring to me playing with my little friend.

And that was the background and the purpose of creating this website, to bring more joy in the lives of the parrot lovers as well as the parrots themselves.


In case you would love to share your story with me or have any questions, feel free to comment below.


To all the Parrot Lovers,



Founder of Parrot Toys

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