Bird Ladders Perches – Product review

Product Overview: Bird Ladders Perches

Places to buy from:

Material: Wood and cotton

Size: various (44 x 11 x 1 cm) or (50 x 7 x 1 cm)

Weight: 150 g

Suitable for: Small and medium-sized parrots and parakeets

Quality vs price: 10 out of 10

Bird Ladders Perches – product review

The Bird Ladders Perches is probably the best parrot toy that I have ever got for my green cheek conure parrot.

Our bird ladder is just as old as our pet parrot, which is currently one and a half years old.

By far this toy is the most practical, useful and played with toy out of all the other parrot toys in the cage.

Bird ladders perches in big cage

What is a Bird Ladder?

In short, the bird ladder represents a couple of wooden perches attached to each other via soft cotton ropes, with knots in the end. Those knots are also purposefully left loose. My green cheeked parrot loves to play with them, chew on them and it just gives him an additional activity throughout the day.

The ladder is also very practical. It has one or two (depends on the model) metallic connects in both ends, making it easy to attach to the cage bars of choice.

Our ladder is attached on an angle, allowing my parrot to have a higher corner in his cage (where he sleeps) and a lower corner that he uses to get off the wooden ladder.

Bird ladders perches sleeping

Depending on the places you get it from, the ladder can come with additional ropes in the middle of the ladder, making this parrot toy even more fun.

Which types of birds are Bird Ladders Perches for?

The bird ladder is for small to medium-sized birds like parakeets, green cheek conures, sun conures, cockatiels, finches, budgies, and canaries.

This ladder can easily be adapted to other pets like small rats too!

Why buy a Parrot Ladder ?

The ladder is an additional toy in your pet’s cage and for some it is the most important toy! For example, I don’t know where my conure would be sleeping if not on his ladder. He completely hated the sleeping hammock that we got him. This way, the ladder became one of the most important parrot toys in his cage.


Natural materials

The toy is made from natural materials, with the perches made from wood and the ropes made from cotton. In the ends the ropes are tight into knots that allow for additional playing potential for our birds.

Safe for birds (and other pets)

Both the materials and the shape of the toy are safe for birds, allowing for worryless playing and napping time.


The ladder can be adaptable to various cage sizes. It can hang horizontally as well as on an angle (going from higher to lower areas in the cage). Either way it provides an excellent parrot space to play and rest and even sleep on. For example, my bird would only sleep on the highest level of the ladder.

Bird ladders perches in travel cage

The ladder can also be hanged vertically, against the cage walls. This way, the bird can train the beak and the nails by climbing up and down or hanging off of it.

Good value for money

This toy is affordable, durable, practical and in my case a total necessity. We have the ladder from the first day we got our green cheek conure parrot. It was used daily by our bird to play on it, walk on it back and forth and sleep on it. Both the wooden bits and the ropes have been bitten. Still, the ladder is in very good shape (after 1.5 years) and our bird loves it just as much as in the first day.


 Might be too small for larger cages

In case of very big cages, the toy might be too short. The solution int his case is to hang the toy vertically on one of the cage walls.

Challenging relocating

In case of a total of four metallic connections in the ends, the toy can become challenging relocating.

For example, in my cage I have the ladder with four metallic ends. One side of the ladder is attached to the ceiling of the cage close to the cage door. However, the other side of the ladder is attached to cage bars that are in the back of the cage. It is sometimes difficult to reach them.

In conclusion

Bird Ladders Perches is a great toy for your feathered friend!

It provides the bird with the opportunity to play and rest on it without any worry: it is safe, flexible enough and durable.

With the right model and size, this toy is one of my bird’s most recommended parrot toys!


Amazon US: Prevue Hendryx 62806 Naturals Rope Ladder Bird Toy

Amazon NL: ibasenice Papegaaienladder Natuurlijke Touwladder Vogel Speelgoed Flexibele Houten Brug Schommel Ladder Speelhanger Papagaaien Brug – Vogelspeelgoed

I hope the information above and my own experience has helped you make the right decision. Please let me know in the comments below whether your bird loves his/her ladder just as much as my bird does. I am happy to learn from you!

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Bird Ladders Perches


Healthy and happy parrot


Practical toy


Price tag



  • Natural materials
  • Safe for birds (and other pets)
  • Flexible
  • Good value for money


  • Might be too small for larger cages
  • Challenging relocating
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