Java Tree Parrot Playstand – product review

Product Overview: Java Tree Parrot PlaystandJava Tree Parrot Playstand

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Worldwide – and
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Material: Natural coffee tree wood
Size: 42cm long (stand) x 27cm wide (stand) x 41cm tall (tree+stand)
Weight: 2kg
Suitable for: small to medium birds
Quality vs price: 8 out of 10

Java Tree Parrot Playstand – product review

Have you ever wondered what a Java Tree Parrot Playstand is and whether it is worth the investment? Have you considered whether your parrot will actually like it or will it just unnecessarily occupy the space in your house? Are there any advantages of having such a playstand? In this article you will find the answers to these questions and much more. I will share with you my own experience with the Java tree together with my Green Cheek Conure parrot Elvis.

What is Java Tree Parrot Playstand?

Java Tree Palystand is a stand that has a tree mounted on it. Depending on the size of the Java tree, the tree can be a small one (mini), medium or large. The tree on the stand is a natural tree, giving the same experience, look and feel for our pet parrots.

In the wild, the flock of parrots usually lives in the trees. The trees represent their natural environment. Therefore, the Java Tree is meant to replicate this environment in our homes.

Java Tree Parrot Playstand

Who is Java Tree Parrot Playstand for?

There is a Java tree for all bird sizes, as the size of the trees vary from small to large. These dimensions do not only refer to the height of the tree but also to the thickness of the tree branches, with large trees having thicker branches which are more suitable for larger bird feet.

For my Green Cheek Conure I got a small one and it is the perfect size for him. He lands on the tree when he flies around in the room, he steps from one branch to the other, he hangs off the branches and he enjoys his snacks sitting on the tree. Elvis also enjoys playing on the tree with his toys and sometimes sleeps on top of his food bowl.

Why buy a Java Tree Parrot Playstand?

We got our Java tree in preparation for a trip that we were planning to take. We would travel by car, with the bird, for 2 weeks. At home, he is mostly playing on the top of his Yaheetech/Prevue cage while he never plays on top of his travel cage. We needed a fun playstand for him that was flexible enough to be taken in the car. Our solution: the Java tree playstand. It served us perfectly during the trip!

However, once back from the trip our Green Cheek did not stop playing on the Java stand, he still enjoys it as he did on the first day. Currently the tree represents his corner of the room, on the table, next to me as I am working from home. He knows that if he flies on it, he will find some goodies in the bowl as well as his toys hanging on the tree. He has, therefore, all the reasons to be on his Java tree playstand.


It keeps the parrot healthyJava Tree Parrot Playstand

The Java tree represents a kind of parrot gym, as our feathered friends move all around it from perch to perch. This way, the branches are massaging their feet pads as they are flexing their feet joints or toe joints. Java wood is therefore one of the recommended woods when it comes to the health of our birds’ feet.

It is so much fun

The Java tree represents a fun stand for our birds to be on. It just provides so many branches to go on and hang from, apart from the toys and food. Additionally, it represents the ‘bird area’ or in my case the ‘Elvis corner’, away from his cage.


The stand can be moved anywhere in the house. For example, Elvis likes to be around me most of the day. If I know that I will be spending a few hours in a different room, I will take the Java tree with me, this way my Green Cheek is happily with me meanwhile I am able to do my work.

You can also take the stand in your car during trips or family visits. Basically everywhere we go, the Java stand comes too.

Made from natural wood

Java wood trees are mounted on the base which serves as the stand for the tree. The material used is non-productive coffee trees (which do not produce coffee beans anymore), which are naturally hard and durable. The materials used for the final product are therefore natural, recycled and earth-friendly.

Allows for various accessories

Our Java tree has two hooks attached to it which are meant to hold toys on them. Additionally, the trees usually come with at least one food bowl, which is sometimes split in two halves, either for two different types of food or one half food and the other half for water. With food and toys around no bird will get bored on this tree.


High price tag

Java playstands have never been cheap. However, we were still surprised to see the price tag. Small trees are sold at around EUR 100 with large ones costing up to EUR 400.

However, given the manual work and high quality wood, the tree will last for years to come. Additionally, my Green Cheek Conure is playing on it every day. Therefore, for us, the price paid was worth it.

Quite heavy

My Java tree weighs just over 2 kg. This can be too heavy if you plan on placing the stand on a weak surface, such as a flat top cage or on a box.

Each Java tree is unique

The Java trees are made from natural coffee trees, which grow in different shapes. Therefore, there will be no two identical Java trees.

This represents a risk when buying the Java tree online, as the tree in the picture might be different from the tree that you actually get.

The base does not cover the full surface of perches

The perches sometimes extend outside of the base area. Therefore, the bird’s droppings and food could fall on the edge of the stand or outside of the stand. That means (even more) cleaning for us as parronts 🙂

In conclusion

Java Tree Parrot Playstand is a fun accessory for your bird as well as one that maintains the feet health of your feathered friend. It will not just create a flexible playstation for your bird but it will also fit nicely into your home decor with its natural wood look. It is a great addition for your bird that will last for many years to come.

Elvis and I have also recorded our Java tree review below:

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Let me know in the comments section below if your feather friend likes to play on his/her Java tree parrot playstand, I would love to hear from you!

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Java Tree Parrot Playstand


Healthy parrot


Beautiful design


Price tag



  • It keeps the parrot healthy
  • Flexible
  • It is so much fun


  • High price tag
  • The base does not cover the full surface of perches
  • Each Java tree is unique
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4 thoughts on “Java Tree Parrot Playstand – product review

  1. Tatiana,

    What a great tree! I had a friend that had a parrot long ago, though I lost contact with her. But if I find her again, I’ll definitely point this out. The thing with most bird trees is they aren’t made of natural products and birds love to chip away at things. It can be so hard on their bodies if they’re not in a natural element.

    Thanks for sharing this! Loved it!


    1. Hi Katrina and thank you for your comment.
      Indeed birds, including my parrot are very sensitive to their environment, toys and anything else you can think of 🙂
      That is why it is so important for us as parrot owners to provide a good care for our little feathered friends.
      I am also happy to connect with other fellow bird lovers like myself.
      Thank you and speak soon!

  2. Hi Tatiana,

    You did a great job explaining the detail of the Jave Tree. It seems like the benefits defiantly outway the cons. Your Elvis is so cute. And he seems to really enjoy the Java Tree. That was good thinking to give him something new to go on a trip for two weeks. But knowing he plays on that every day, made it worth those cons. If I had a parrot I would definitely get one of these too.

    Great job with the website and I love the pictures too.

    1. Hi Connie,

      Thank you for your comment.
      My green Cheek conure parrot Elvis is indeed very happy with his Java tree, it is not just his sitting and playing space on the table, next to me where I work but it is also his safe spot. If for example there is some sudden noise that scares him and he starts flying around the room, the Java tree is always there, ready for his landing 🙂
      Sometimes, when something scares him, like a bird that he sees from the window flying into the near by tree, he would also start screaming apart from flying around in the room.

      Parrots are definitely funny and loving pets, I can certainly recoomend one.


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