A10 Parrot Bird Cage – product review

Product Overview: A10 Parrot Bird Cage Price: EUR 190 (Bol.com), USD 122 (Amazon.com) Places to buy from:  Worldwide – Amazon.com The Netherlands & Belgium – Bol.com Material: Wrought Iron Size: 46cm x 46cm x 156cm Weight: 35kg Suitable for: small to medium birds Quality vs price: 9 out of 10     A10 Parrot Bird Cage, […]

Elvis the Green Cheek Conure is home for over a month!

Hello dear Parrot Lovers! Since over a month I am a proud owner of a baby Green Cheek Conure that me and my partner named Elvis. He has been the focus of our attention for the past period as well as the subject of most of our conversations lately. In this blog post I want […]

Have a Happy 2020!

At the end of each calendar year it is the time to reflect on the previous year, previous achievements and past developments. The year 2019 has been a bright year for me from many perspectives: personal, professional and emotional. New learnings and new successes came my way. I visited Australia for the first time in February, […]

Green cheek conure Elvis – first week in his new home!

The time has finally arrived! We got a handsome, colorful and most joyful green cheek conure! How exciting! His name is Elvis. He might very well be a girl, but we decided not to invest in a DNA test (this is the only way to tell in the case of most parrots). Therefore, we came […]

What do parrots eat – recommendations

One of the things to consider when getting a parrot but also when already owning a parrot is what is it that they eat. In my case, I don’t just want to give some kind of food to my bird to keep him alive. I want to make sure my bird is healthy and energetic, […]

Green cheek conure – how did I choose?

So the decision is made: I am getting a parrot! But with that other questions arise like: which parrot, where will we place the cage, how much are we going to spend, are we ready for it, what will it eat, how will we call it, etc. While all these go through my mind, I […]

Small parrot cages or LARGE parrot cages – which one to choose?

Well the answer to the above question is simple: it depends 🙂 And it depends on many things like: the size (and number) of your parrot(s); the material of the cage; the size of your living space; the amount of toys you would like to spoil your little friend with; your budget. You would also […]

Parrots as pets – traits and specifics

Deciding upon a parrot pet purchase is a difficult task and requires serious consideration as it may involve a long, very long term commitment :). Having parrots as pets can be as rewarding just as it can be exhausting or painful (physically painful for our fingers). Below I put together a list of my parrot […]

Parrot toys for our little friends – why do they really need them

As parrot lovers and potentially owners, we all adore our joyful friends who are always greeting us entering the room or replying when we speak to them. We try to create the best environment for them in our homes, making a part of it their home too. But simply getting them a cage and some […]

About Tatiana

  Hello dear Parrot Lovers and welcome to my website: Best Parrot Toys! My first pet ever starting 7 years old has been a parrot (a small budgie) and ever since my love and adoration for these birds has only got bigger. My eyes always shine when I see a parrot and I become full […]