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Happy Hatchday

Happy Hatchday!

I am Happy to Announce that my favorite Green Cheek Conure parrot Elvis is celebrating his hatchday! VERY HAPPY HAPPY HATCHDAY MY BIRD! Given that I still don’t speak any bird language, via this announcement I would like to wish him many tasty treats in his bawls, plenty of cuddles and head scratching time and […]

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Best Parrot Toys is now relaunched

Best Parrot Toys is Now Relaunched

  After several months of work behind the scene, Best Parrot Toys is now relaunched! Apart from the new look and feel, the website now also contains a webshop.    What has changed?   Compared to the old ‘version’ of the website, Best Parrot Toys now has a new structure and layout, including a new color […]

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Have a Happy 2020!

At the end of each calendar year it is the time to reflect on the previous year, previous achievements and past developments. The year 2019 has been a bright year for me from many perspectives: personal, professional and emotional. New learnings and new successes came my way. I visited Australia for the first time in February, […]

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