5 Best PET PARROT Toys for Small Birds


As bird lovers we simply love to spoil our favorite feathered friends! But what are some best pet parrot toys for small birds? In this article I will reveal my top 5 choices for parakeet toys, the reasons why I thought these toys are great for our birds and some Pro’s and Con’s of each.

The below list has been put together in collaboration and under strict supervision of my green cheek conure parrot Elvis. He has approved all the choices below! 🙂

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Living World Junglewood Large Wood and Rope Swing

Best PET PARROT Toys for Small Birds

You can also buy a similar swing on AMAZON.com

You can also buy a similar swing on BOL.com


My parakeet conure does not have the ropes hanging off the swing but he has the exact swing in his cage.

The best part about it is that it acts as an additional perch in the cage and provides an alternative sitting sport for your bird.

Not to forget the colorful and biteable wooden blocks!

My parrot would climb on top of the swing and bite the wood, or he would sit on the perch and bite them. Somehow climbing on it is so much fun all the time.


  • Stimulates natural foraging
  • Helps reduce stress on your bird
  • The bright colors provide visual stimulation


  • Might turn out slightly bigger than pictured
  • Could intimidate your bird at first

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2. JW Pet Activitoy Bird Toy Guitar

Best PET PARROT Toys for Small Birds

You can buy this toy on AMAZON.com

You can also buy this toy on BOL.com

This toy has made such a sensation with my bird from the moment he saw it. It was love at first sight!

I mean what is there not to like!

It is small and fits the size of my green cheek, it has many biteable bits that you can even pull and it has the bells! It is certainly an all in one pet parrot toy.


  • Super fun to play with
  • Has bells, flexible bits and many colors
  • Stimulates and engages our pet parrots’ mind as well as motor skills


  • Not made of natural materials
  • Preferable to let your bird play with it under supervision

This is how my pet green cheek conure parrot plays with it:

3. Prevue Pet Products Naturals Large Rope Ladder

You can also buy a similar toy on AMAZON.com

You can also buy a similar toy on PETSWAREHOUSE


This is probably the cage accessory that my pet bird would not be able to live without!

That is because my conure parrot does not like the sleeping hut we got him and therefore uses his ladder to sleep on.

But not just that, his ladder is colorful and has cotton ropes attached to it. That makes it not just a useful accessory in the cage but also a fun and engaging one.


  • Made from natural wood
  • Provides many perches in one go for your bird


  • The colors and exact look of the ladder might differ depending on the place ordered from

Check out my review on Parrot Ladders >>HERE<<

4. JW Pet Activitoy Lattice Chain Bird Toy

Best PET PARROT Toys for Small Birds

You can buy a similar toy on PETSWAREHOUSE

You can buy a similar toy on BOL.com


When it comes to toy balls, be they large or small, colorful or not, most likely they will be successful with your bird!

My pet bird has all kinds of toy balls.

At first, we started with light plastic balls with a bell inside. However, he managed to bite through the plastic and lose the bell.

Then we switched to stronger balls, the cat balls. Those have been chewed and thrown all around the house so many times until they cracked.

Now we have chained parakeet toy balls in my bird’s cage. He absolutely loves them!

Every time he goes in and out of the cage he would pull or push on them, make a sound, play for a while and then go about his activities.

Those have not been thrown around, do not crack and do not get lost.


  • Colorful and noisy, perfect for the parrot’s playtime
  • They swing, meaning even more fun
  • Stimulates the senses with colors and sounds


  • Some bird owners reported that the bells can be dangerous

5. Bonka Spoon Delight

Best PET PARROT Toys for Small Birds


Our parrots love the noisy toys, the ones that are shiny as well as chewable.

With this toy you cannot go wrong.

The various types of noises that it makes and the different materials will ensure a fun and engaging playtime.

It is also flexible in the way you can hang it in the cage: be it against the bars of the cage horizontally or vertically hanging from the top of the cage.


  • Fun and engaging
  • The spoons are made of sturdy stainless steel that last a long time


  • Some customers expressed concerns regarding the quality of the product


As bird owners we know our parrots the best.

By all means you should consider your pet’s preferences and character before deciding upon a purchase.

In the end our birds will get bored even of the fanciest or most expensive pet parrot toy. The trick is to keep rotating the toys in the cage and alternating between toys.

Happy playing and many healthy pet parrots all around the world!


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