Best Parrot Toys is Now Relaunched

Best Parrot Toys is now relaunched


After several months of work behind the scene, Best Parrot Toys is now relaunched! Apart from the new look and feel, the website now also contains a webshop


What has changed?


Compared to the old ‘version’ of the website, Best Parrot Toys now has a new structure and layout, including a new color scheme. This way, the website has obtained a new look and feel while keeping the same happy customer engagement when visiting it. 

Additionally, the website integrates a webshop. The webshop contains various products that I personally recommend: from parrot cages and parrot toys to various bird-related clothes and accessories


Why is Best Parrot Toys better now?


Best Parrot Toys now allows for an easier and user friendlier navigation while providing access to even more useful, parrot-related information.


Who is this relaunch for?


The website relaunch is for all the Best Parrot Toys visitors and customers, all the parrot lovers out there and of course everybody else eyeing the content.


This means…


Better website experience, happier visitors and a fulfilled founder


Feel free to leave me your comments below and share your experiences with the website, your birds or your toys and accessories.


To all the Parrot Lovers,


Founder of Best Parrot Toys


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