Are Green Cheek Conures Loud?

Are Green Cheek Conures Loud
Are Green Cheek Conures Loud?

Before getting a green cheek conure, it is a good idea to research as much as possible and understand the type of bird that a green cheek conure parrot is. One of the considerations that this article will focus on is:

  • Are Green Cheek Conures Loud Birds?

This article will explain how we experience the noisiness of the conure, how do our neighbors experience it and how did our apartment sounds change in general.

How does our apartment sound since we got the parrot?

  • What to expect when you have a parrot?

Me and my partner are proud green cheeked bird owners for the past year and a half, with whom we live in a small apartment. Just to be clear, our apartment is small, bird’s cage is pretty big!

Since we have our parrot, a lot of things have changed. We are cleaning way more than before, we cannot simply open the windows or balcony doors, we have changed our cookware to ceramic one and we make sure the bird is nowhere nearby when we use deodorants, hair sprays or other beauty products.

However, the biggest change we experienced is that our apartment became more lively and filled up with bird sounds. Our green cheek conure parrot makes his first sounds even before his cage cover goes off and until the moment he is back in the cage for his night sleep.

  • Are all the sounds a green cheeked parrot makes the same?

He has various types of sounds, from the very quiet, sweet beeps and squeaks to pretty loud and panicked screams.

Happy Green Cheek Conure Parrot
Happy Green Cheek Conure Parrot

Usually, he makes the quiet sounds when he is content or when we scratch his head. Most of the times, there is a reason for screaming sounds: either he panics when we leave the room (and he is left behind), or when he is hungry, or when the music or television is too loud for him and he cannot nap.

The vast majority of times we are able to tell the reason our bird complaints. Sometimes however, he would just have screaming moments. Those are the moments that I think he is simply bored and I give him his toy balls or I start playing with him.

How loud is a Green Cheek Conure compared to a Budgie and a Sun Conure?

A while back I used to own budgies. Although they are very talkative birdies, their squeaks and screams would not be very loud. They were certainly noisy and would keep mumbling the whole day.

According to this source, a budgie is among the quietest type of parrots, with a noise level of 68 decibels. For comparison, the sound of a normal conversation level is between 60 and 70 decibels.

On the other hand, the sun conure is placed among the loudest types of parrots at 120 decibels. That level of sound can be compared to a rock concert.

Although I cannot measure the noise level that my green cheeked conure makes, I can certainly tell he is much louder than a budgie and quieter than a sun conure. Before we got our parrot, we were considering to get a sun conure as our pet parrot. However, hearing how loud his noises were, we decided upon a quieter option: a green cheek conure parrot.

Green Cheek Conure Napping
Green Cheek Conure Napping

While doing my research, I found some sources placing the green cheeked conures at 10 decibels lower than a sun conure, others at much lower than that. I would then conclude, in terms of decibels, a green cheeked conure would be placed at around 100-110 decibels.

How many complaints have we received from our neighbors?

Our parrot is acknowledging everybody who passes the communal hallway of our floor. Therefore, all the neighbors passing by have heard and acknowledged him as well.

However, we have received no complaints from any neighbor regarding noise levels.

I believe that most of the times, our parrot has a reason to scream at its loudest. Once ‘the problem is solved’ our bird calms down as well. That allows a happy humans and conure co-habitation in a block of flats.

How loud is my conure while working from home?

Working from home and the current pandemic situation has challenged our working arrangements but tightened the connection with our parrot.

Our green cheek just loved having everybody at home, spending most of the day on the shoulders of his favorite humans and just having a full house for the past 15 months.

However, our bird is sensitive to loud noises that do not allow him to nap. Because of that, most of the times, during my work calls, he would start complaining and would squeak louder than me, to make sure I hear his discontent.

This way, he made himself known to all of my work colleagues and managed to participate in almost all of my calls. Not mentioning the supervision I get when working in silence on my tasks.


Although 100-110 decibels sounds very loud, these levels of sound are reached when the bird is in a panic or perceived danger situation. Most of the times however, a content and happy parrot would make quiet to normal sound levels.

With that being said, if you are looking for a relatively quiet and small parrot, that is friendly and social and which can easily adapt to smaller living arrangements (like a small apartment), look no further. The green cheek conure parrot might be just the answer you were looking for!

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