Happy Hatchday!

happy Hatchday
Happy Hatchday

I am Happy to Announce that my favorite Green Cheek Conure parrot Elvis is celebrating his hatchday!


Given that I still don’t speak any bird language, via this announcement I would like to wish him many tasty treats in his bawls, plenty of cuddles and head scratching time and of course, even more of the Best Parrot Toys!


Happy Hatchday but we don’t know his exact hatchday 🙂

When we got our Baby Conure, we were told that he was around 11 weeks old.

We met him on 23rd of November 2019. Then we were told that he was too light to come home with us. We were advised that the bird had to stay at the pet shop for at least another week to gain more weight until he could come home with us.

Our Green Cheek Conure Elvis came home on 30th of November 2019.

Doing the maths, our Baby Parrot has been hatched somewhere in the first week of September.


Almost two years of parrot ownership

I cannot believe that it has been almost two years since we brought our first parrot home!

As a child, I used to have budgies. I am therefore used to having birds at home.

However, Elvis is the first bird that me and my boyfriend have together. It has been a common journey where the two of us humans were learning how to properly care for a Green Cheek Conure parrot.


Main changes in the household since the bird

There were a few things that we needed to change, implement or adjust to.

Some of them are:

  • The house became much louder with almost no quiet moments during daytime;
  • The cleaning became daily and more thorough;
  • The private space is never that private anymore;
  • The meals are demanded to be shared (the parrot-allowed parts of them).

Looking forward to many more hatchday celebrations

I hope to be able to enjoy my bird for many more years to come!

It is an amazing journey to have watched my bird get used to his new home in the beginning. Then get comfortable and bossy with his humans. Finally, he became a family member with full rights and our best friend.

Happy Hatchday Elvis!


How did you celebrate your pet parrot’s hatchday? How many has it have so far?

Let me and Elvis know in the comments below! We are happy to read and reply to them all!


To all the Parrot Lovers,


Founder of Best Parrot Toys

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