Have a Happy 2020!

At the end of each calendar year it is the time to reflect on the previous year, previous achievements and past developments.

The year 2019 has been a bright year for me from many perspectives: personal, professional and emotional. New learnings and new successes came my way. I visited Australia for the first time in February, I obtained my driver’s license in August, I obtained a promotion at my day job in October among others.

But most importantly: our family grew with a colorful, happy and feathered member Elvis the green cheek conure. He does not know this, but he was already my muse and motivation of www.bestparrottoys.com even before he became a member of our family. Now he is a crucial presence on our shoulders without whom nothing in the house is done. He is our best friend and loyal puffy conure. I hope he will be part of our lives in the many years to come!

In the new year there are big plans for Best Parrot Toys platform: more interesting and informative articles, product reviews and an improved general look of the website.

I hope all the readers of this blog will be blessed with unwavering heath and will be supporting me in those many years to come. I wish you all more accomplishments than you can imagine and more love and friendship than you can expect!

Have a wonderful 2020!


Founder of Best Parrot Toys

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