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Product Overview: A10 Parrot Bird Cage | Yaheetech Parrot Bird Cage | Prevue Parrot Bird Cage

Bird Cage fully assembled

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Material: Wrought Iron
Size: 46cm x 46cm x 156cm
Weight: 35kg
Suitable for: small to medium birds
Quality vs price: 9 out of 10



A10 Parrot Bird Cage | Yaheetech Parrot Bird Cage | Prevue Parrot Bird Cage, product review

One of the main purchases when owning a bird is providing it with a place it can call home. The parrot bird cage is not just comprised of bars which your little friend sleeps in, it is also the place it will have most of its meals to eat, naps to re-energise and toys to play with. Therefore the parrot bird cage needs to be strong, practical and spacious enough. In this product review article I reveal the pro’s and con’s of a A10 | Yaheetech | Prevue Parrot Bird Cage, in collaboration with my Green Cheek Conure parrot Elvis.

Pro’s & Con’s

High Quality A10 | Yaheetech | Prevue parrot bird cage 

You’ll be getting a strong, spacious and tall bird cage.

The bars are high quality which prevent chipping and do not allow the bird to break bits off.

Great features for the price 

For the price of the cage you will be getting many features. It comes with:

  • 2 Trays, 1 on top allowng for extra play space and 1 on the bottom which catches fallen seeds and other mess;
  • 2 Feeder doors which can be opened to refill the food bowls without needing to open the main cage door;
  • 4 Stainless steel feeding bowls, 2 inside the cage and 2 on top;
  • 2 Wooden perches, one inside and one (outside) on top of the cage;
  • Seeds catchers around the cage;
  • 4 bottom wheels.

  Bar space is suitable for small to medium birds

bird cage bar space
bird cage bar space

The bar space is approximately 1.6 cm (0.6 inch) which means it is safe for small to medium birds. It allows the bird’s tail to stick out so he or she can bend over properly and eat the food in their bowls.

So far (after 2 months), my Green Cheek Conure has been hanging upside down in his cage, is jumping everywhere from all directions and has not got stuck in any way between the bars.

Plenty of space

The cage is very spacious. Currently I have 4 toys, 4 perches and 3 food bowls inside the cage. There is still plenty of space left for more, for example a DIY parrot toy.

My green cheek conure has also plenty of room to move around, jump from one toy to the other and flap his wings.

The height of the cage allowed us to create 3 levels (with still more possible). We have toys hanging on the highest level, food bowls on the second level and multiple perches on the third level. My parrot can jump up and down as much as he wishes.

Easy to move around the room

Due to the 4 wheels underneath, the parrot bird cage can be easily moved around the room  provided a single floor space.

For example, if my parrot wants some private time in the evenings, we just roll the cage to a quieter corner.

Less than 1 hour assembly time

The cage comes in separate pieces and you will need to follow the instructions to put it together. Here are pictures of the instructions that came with the cage:

parrot cage assembly instructions

parrot cage assembly instructions

It took us around 1 hour to figure it all out and the results last up until today. Please click the photos for a bigger size 🙂


There are a few disadvantages too:

Bottom bar spacing on inside of cage too large for small birds

Even though the bar spacing fits well for small to medium parrots, the bottom bar spacing on the inside space is too large for small parrot feet such as a conure. My bird’s feet used to slide between the bars and hurt himself as he was trying to walk on the bottom of his cage. Sometimes he would also jump to the bottom which could hurt his feet due to the height of the cage.

To fix this issue we had to place strong paper or cardboard at the bottom of the cage to soften his landing. Now he can easily step around and jump to the bottom with confidence. However this does mean that bird seed can sometimes bounce outside of the cage.

Climbing to the top outside of the cage is difficult for small birds

parrot bird cageAfter 2 months of living in his cage, my Green Cheek Conure still has not figured out how to reach the top of his cage. He signals to us that he needs our help if he wants to get on the top of it. The reason for this is that the top tray does not have any bars for the bird to grab on to (see screenshot). Therefore our small bird always gets stuck at the top tray.

Furthermore he cannot manage to get back inside the cage through the main door when he is on top of it for the same reasons. 

We hope he will manage to figure this part out as he grows older.

In conclusion

Overall it is a strong, spaceous and practical cage. There are many aspects that I am happy about but also a few minor points that could do with improvement.

Overall Score: 9 out of 10

If you would like to purchase this cage, please click on the links in this article or below to get your A10 Parrot Bird Cage today!



Purchase the cage using the links below:

Amazon US Topeakmart Wrought Iron Selection Play Top Large Parrot Bird Cage

Amazon NL Yaheetech Kooi vogelkooi met wieltjes

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2 thoughts on “Parrot Bird Cage – product review

  1. Hello. Thanks for all info. I live your story. I too have same bird and he’s 7 months old and I love him like my child. I’m retired now at 57 and have alot of time now is why my daughter got him for me. I’m a very happy person generally so now there’s some much more lol. He always jumps off me when he poos which I mmfound funny. His bad habits are because I totally spoil him. He will scream forever non stop if I put in cage and lock door or bite me when I put him in. Other than for safety reasons, his cage is always open or unless I’m out and free range of downstairs as I never go upstairs and its perfect space downstairs. I have play areas and toys everywhere so it’s probably cause he’s spoiled. Any ideas cause I have no idea than keep saying no no bad boy lol. Even then he’s so cute when he’s mad. As a long time pet owner, I will say mango has a special place in my heart that I’ve never experienced. I miss him as soon as I leave house. Anyways thanks for listening. I’m gonna carry on to see more on your blog. I will buy something when I go out money on my credit card. Sincerely sherry

    1. Dear Sherry,

      First of all appologies for my forever late reply. I must have missed your message. But now that I found it, it put a large smile on my face, thank you for that! Also, thank you for sharing your story. It is always so nice to read other people’s experiences with their green cheek conures and realise that we are all guily of it: loving our birds too much that we spoil them too much so that they eventually drive us crazy with their misbehavior 🙂

      Mango must be around 1 year old right now. I can imagine it must have been a full year, with lots of playing, chirping, pooping and mess making/cleaning. Still, how fulfilling is that.

      Our Elvis also screams when he wants to get out of his cage. However during the day I am working so I need to keep him locked at least for a few hours so I can focus. Othewise he has been a good quarantine buddy: screaming at each of my phone calls and then being cuddly on my neck, pooping on me as I am on camera and then just quietly flying back to his cage and being a good boy 🙂 I don’t even know what I was doing all day before having him.

      At first when I started to put Elvis in the cage during the day for a few hours he would complain but them he got used to it. However, even now, if I need to keep him quiet as I work I would cover him so he doesn’t worry when I move around in the room or God forbid leave the room 🙂 Therefore in terms of imposing good behavior I would just suggest getting him used to it. If he has to go in his cage because he did something wrong, or just because it is his cage time, we need to be strong as parronts and just accept that it is part of our parrot care routine. In time he will know and understand and take his punishment, like a man!

      Take care of yourselves and enjoy your Mango for many, many years to come! Happy to hear how you are doing. Birdy cheers! Tatiana

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